Talking about information technology presentions in Taiwan

OK. This should be the first English article in my blog. I do hope this will also be the last one. English is not my mother tongue, so please bear with that. It should be clear to address my point of view although there should be some glitches throughout my article.

The purpose of my technical articles and slides is to provide useful information for the people who uses Chinese. Since I went to college to learn computer engineering, what I saw in the class and laboratory meetings, the slides always wrote in English. Even after I graduated, it still mostly true in the events or presentations I attended locally. However, most professors and speakers uses mandarin to describe their ideas and thoughts. It is rare to have a completed English presentation in those scenarios, never to say discuss in English. If that so, why people uses English in their slides?

Don’t get me wrong. I totally agree English is extremely important in information technology area. Most of the first hand information writes in English. If you need to cooperate with people overseas, you use English. However, the scenario I call into question is that if your audiences uses mandarin, you speak in mandarin, why bother to write slides in English? Can you make sure what you wrote are 100% grammar corrected? Will this exclude the newbie who does not familiar in English yet if they search keyword in the Internet? A ideal article in the Internet should be useful for the people who need it. If you write your article and slide in Chinese, you will benefit the people who uses Chinese. There are already plenty of useful information in English. Why don’t you just use your mother tongue to describe your thought and what you found?

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